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On my quest to becoming an all-round marketer, I recently enrolled at DATAMINE to study CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing), which qualification indicates that a marketer has the skillset to think strategically and understand the complete picture of marketing. I felt like I needed to learn MORE than just digital marketing. I needed to understand exactly what MARKETING meant and for this to happen, I had to look for knowledge.


Fast forward 1 month in, I started up a YouTube & twitter space every Thursday called #MarketingAtDatamine, where I share everything I am learning from the Chartered Institute of Marketing accredited center, DATAMINE. I couldn’t do this without explaining to people what CIM itself was so my 1st show was an interview between me & one of my tutors, John Mwesigwa who doubles as the head of programs at the study center.


Here is a summary of some of the topics we discussed about, in regards to the course.



What is CIM?

CIM is an abbreviation standing for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the World’s largest community of marketers. Located in the United Kingdom, it is there to support, develop and represent Marketers. As a Marketer, it is very important to be part of CIM.


How do you become a Chartered Marketer/an MCIM?

It all starts with becoming a member of the professional body attached to a study center if you are a student. In Uganda we have three accredited study centers which take robust assessment procedures to see which level suits you. You can either join as just a member of CIM and subscribe to their online resources about marketing or as a student whereby, you would have to be attached to one of the 3 accredited study centers in Uganda, one of which is DATAMINE. To join as a student/ marketer, the study center takes a robust assessment procedure to see which level you can start off with. Without any prior qualifications related to marketing, you will start at Level 3 then progress to Level 4 (both professional certificate levels) after which you move on to Level 5, a Professional Diploma which has various qualifications; Professional Marketing, Professional Digital Marketing and Sustainable Marketing. Level 7 is the final level also regarded as the Post-graduate level. This is by far equivalent to a Masters Degree in marketing.


What is the cost to become a Chartered Marketer/an MCIM?

We levy a different fee for each level. However there is also an annual fee of £65 which is equivalent to Shs310,000.  For Level 3, one has to complete at least 2 papers (1 core & 1 elective) which will cost £220 (each paper is £110). For level 4, one should complete at least 3 papers (2 cores and one elective) which will cost £390 (Each paper is £130). The Diploma level (level 6) costs £150 for each and you’re required to do 3 papers; 2 cores and 1 elective. The final level has 3 compulsory papers each costing £170 (2 cores & 1 elective). Tuition fees at Datamine are Shs. 900,000 for Level 3 & 4 while Level 6 & 7 cost Shs1,500,000.


How long does it take to complete CIM?

Datamine is the only accredited study center with 4 study semesters in Uganda. This means one can do all the 4 or 3 levels in one year. As tutors, we put in a lot of effort to make sure that we are there for our students. As opposed to the past when someone could take 5 years to complete, now, you can do it all in just under a year – Imagine getting a Bachelors & a Master’s degree in all under 1 year!


What do the titles like; MCIM, ACIM, DipCIM and the like mean in relation to CIM students?

These titles are rewarded by CIM itself, upon completion of certain levels. After completion of All levels below level 6, you are given the ACIM badge which stands for Associate Member of CIM. On completion of level 7, you are given the badge/ title of DipCIM which means you are through with the postgraduate level of the course. The MCIM title is only awarded after you proving to CIM that you have used your knowledge from the course to advance the Marketing sector in your home country (5 to 10 years of experience in the Marketing field).



What are some of the benefits of doing CIM?

Having this qualification adds a lot of value to your CV since it’s recognized internationally and the world is not like how it was before. Marketing is heavily scrutinized when it comes to things like budget allocations and without the backing of CIM knowledge, one might struggle to prove the worth of the marketing department & their efforts. The course takes you through the entire marketing journey and how one can reap the MOST of rewards at every level. Let’s also not forget about the unlimited resources about marketing that are availed to you via the CIM content hub for simply subscribing to CIM, which include; webinars, podcasts, magazines, blogs research papers all on marketing and much more. Apart from all that, joining CIM means you are part of the biggest marketing body in the world, which gives you access to other people in this profession more easily.


How does graduation from CIM work?

In the past, graduation ceremonies used to be held in the UK and Ugandan graduates would get invites to go attend the ceremony. The past 2 years were riddled with COVID19 lockdowns so all ceremonies were held online.



By Faisal Ssesanga AKA PYEPAR FAISAL

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