Top Bloggers Uganda Rallies Behind Uganda Heart Institute to Raise Awareness on CVDs

With Covid-19, individuals with underlying health conditions such as a heart disease are susceptible to severe COVID-19. In an attempt to raise awareness about heart disease, every year Uganda joins the rest of the world to commemorate World Heart Day.

Late last month, Top bloggers Uganda rallied behind Uganda heart institute (UHI) in celebrating World heart day in a campaign dubbed ‘Use Heart To Connect’

The two-month campaign launched by Uganda heart institute on September 29th is aimed at rallying every individual to use their knowledge, compassion, and influence to make sure themselves, their loved ones, and the communities they live in have the best chance to live heart-healthy lives.

Last week on Thursday, some members of Top bloggers Uganda paid a visit to the institution located at Mulago hospital in Kampala and got a chance to tour the institution that’s said to be the best in the region and at an international level as per the principal nursing officer, Ms. Anna Noland Oketayot.

Shortly after the visit, the members took to social media to urge people to keep their hearts in good health by sharing some health tips in a series of tweets and Facebook posts.

“Had a tour of The Uganda Heart Institute yesterday and while this was a different yet an amazing experience, I know it’s only because none of us was a patient there,” wrote Winnie Nantongo the administrative assistant of Top bloggers Uganda.

“People with a heart disease are more vulnerable to #COVID19. Wash your hands frequently – use soap and water while at it – for at least 20 seconds in order to protect yourself from Covid. #UseHeartToConnect” she added

Katende Erick, a photographer at the Top bloggers’ association also tweeted:

“There’s a lot of stuff I really didn’t know about the issues that concern the health of the heart. But when I visited @HeartUganda yesterday with some of my colleagues. I was able to know why it’s important to keep my heart in a great state. #UseHeartToConnect” he wrote.

“Despite @HeartUganda having the world class machinery, my humble request to you is to always do some exercises to keep your body in great shape.”

Top bloggers Uganda’s head of video and photography, Kabuye Derrick also took to his Facebook account to share some health tips a few hours after the visit.

“Visited the Uganda Heart Institute earlier today and after our tour and what we saw, I must encourage all of us to start or continue practicing healthy habits that keep these little “machines” in good shape. Eat healthy and avoid over consumption of alcohol #UseHeartToConnect”

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